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Information, limitation of liability

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Protection of personal data

JET-SOL Kft. shall manage any and all personal data obtained by it from the use of its web pages in accordance with the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information (hereinafter “Privacy Act”).

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Data management

JET-SOL Kft. will only manage personal data for the purpose of sending information and newsletters concerning the products, solutions, and similar information. JET-SOL Kft. will not use data processors, nor will it transfer the data to any third party. Personal data will only be obtained by JET-SOL Kft.’s employees designated to perform the tasks relating to data management as described above in this paragraph. Should JET-SOL Kft. conclude a separate written contract with any user, data management may be implemented in accordance with the contract in a manner other than described above. The viewing, modification, or deletion of the data stored by us can be requested at any time; for this purpose please send a short e-mail to

Rights and legal remedies available to users in connection with data management

The relevant regulations are contained by the following provisions of the Privacy Act: Section 14, Section 15 (1)-(5), Section 16 (1)-(3), Section 17 (1)-(5), Section 18 (1)-(2), Section 19, Section 21 (1)-(7), Section 22 (1)-(7), Section 23 (1)-(4).  You can read the full text of the act here.

Data protection information

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