Our clients require from us increasingly cost efficient service year after year with equal or increasing quality. Our experience shows that these goals can be achieved only by combining different company models and aiming to apply the best practices for every case.

Our pricing is based on the following:

  • Costs of our employees
  • Necessary time to complete the actual task
  • Overhead costs (administrations, management, sales, infrastructure, etc).

Our primary product is the EMPLOYEE. Our experience shows that no cost-cutting should be made in this area. This is why we provide proper working environments, continuous trainings and competitive packages to our colleagues.

We aim to complete our assignments in the shortest possible time, thus with lower costs, while maintaining the required service quality.

We have implemented several internal developments to enable our colleagues to spend their time working on our client’s requirements rather than on administrative tasks. Our internal processes are continuously monitored, and pointless bureaucracy is immediately eliminated. Our work processes are regulated in order to integrate the work experiences into the daily practice, so in the future, similar tasks can be completed even faster with higher quality.

We aim to bring decision points and responsibilities closer to our colleagues executing the related tasks. This makes our organisation transparent and efficient.

Design, monitoring and documentation tasks are the ones where no compromise is tolerated. Some might consider these tasks a waste of time and energy throughout a system implementation and development, but our experience shows that these efforts are tokens for high quality work, and time and energy invested in them are returned multiple times during live operation.