JET-SOL has acquired significant experience over the years in the implementation and operation of standalone and integrated logistics, payment and retail solutions that serve our customers’ diverse needs. These systems with their extended special peripheral devices constitute the NANO-LOGIS integrated logistics system. The system is equally competent to deal with the demands of smaller firms and major enterprises on several locations for several thousand users and devices. The applications provide full support for the front- and back-office procedures, accounting, data centre or data warehouse functions.

The extensive collection and processing of transaction data guarantees the centralised and real-time control and management of the procedures.

ROUTING ENGINE – Route planning, tracking and optimization

Route planning is provided based on long years of experience according to the client’s requirements and priorities. The system provides continuous information about the position of the shipment, and its current compound on the transport vehicle.

The system can be extended by route optimization, GPS-based tracking and activity recording, or time-management modules and other ready-made solutions.

Route information feedback is provided in every cycle and the system automatically provides improvement for a cost effective and reliable delivery course for the client.

SHIPMENT ENGINE – Forwarding and delivery services

The system supports shipment logistics activities for the national backbone or the local network via mobile devices (PDA, mobile phone, mobile printer).

Our fleet management system provides full administration of the vehicles used for transportation, including management of travel documents, service works and full charge calculations.

Our delivery services provide standard interface connections to partner companies to deal with bulk traffic.

TRADE ENGINE – Commercial services

The commercial services provided by the framework grant IT support for both retail and wholesale commercial activities. These solutions are available both through conventional and electronic channels, as well as their integrated cooperation.

COMMON ENGINE – system support services

COMMON ENGINE also provides framework services for NANO-LOGIS similar to the method described at NANO-FINANCE. (Not indicated on the diagram.)