NANO-FRAME is a modular framework and methodology by JET-SOL to provide the connection of unique developments and existing systems via a standard BUS architecture.  An important aspect of this approach is that already existing components can be integrated in a cost-effective manner, and solutions can be provided for complex business requirements. With NANO-FRAME system solutions can be implemented in the most optimal standardized means.

NANO-FRAME framework structural overview:



A major disadvantage of off-the-shelf software packages is that they provide solutions for generic requirements, and cannot address unique requirements. Their implementation requires further developments, which can significantly raise costs, and also might hinder version updates later.  NANO-FRAME addresses these issues by extending the functionality of standard solutions without modifying them, and making developments possible through modifying NANO-FRAME with standard industry technologies.

The basic elements of the functions implemented in NANO-FRAME are the technical modules which together provide the service ENGINE.  By combining ENGINES business services can be provided. New services can be implemented on two levels, by combining and customizing ENGINES or MODULES.

Our application packages are developed in a flexible way to minimize delivery and installation time to satisfy our clients. The modular and parametrisable nature of the system is a major advantage which results in considerable benefits and efficiency increase.

Alongside our business solutions we also provide unique comprehensive end-to-end services, which include installation strategy, development of a detailed schedule, design and implementation of the conversion project, and the support and operation for the full lifecycle.

The circle of our business services are expanded according to demand and currently includes: