COMMON ENGINE – system support services

The following function-group contains the NANO-FRAME services required for the operation of business group services, including the NANO-FINANCE framework, and their linking to other systems. The modular structure of these units enables the loosely connected modules to link to external services as one single unit. These provide the recording of internal and external business and audit events, and also provide a flexible channel to the applications and various services.

PAYMENT ENGINE- Payments functions and services

In a banking environment the PAYMENT ENGINE can provide a comprehensive service for both internal and external payments. Payment modules support international and local payment standards.

Some of the most important functions:

  • Supplementary client details (addresses, client relations, unique client dimensions) maintenance
  • Processing and forwarding incoming and outgoing transfers
  • Batch and parallel processing
  • Digital signature management
  • Parameterisable tariff packages
  • Tariff package based transaction and regular charge calculation
  • SAP interface
  • SWIFT, SEPA IG1/IG2 and VIBER connections 

CARD ENGINE – Card functions and related functions

Our modules are capable to cater for all card related functional requirements for a bank or other financial provider, and also to implement new functions into already existing systems and processes. The modules cover the entire life cycle of card related functions from the initial card request through card production and external CBS service provider link to charge management and the support of the reconciliation process. The card module can support both credit and debit card functions to ensure the fastest and most flexible implementation of the business requirements:

Main functions:

  • Connection to the card transaction authorization service
  • Unified or distributed POS / ATM link management
  • Continuous monitoring facility
  • Parametrisable products
  • Grace period and arrears management
  • Transaction classes (classification)
  • Balance and interest calculation