DOCUMENT ENGINE – Document management and related services

With the NANO-CONTENT system JET-SOL provides a simple and customisable solution for filing, registration, digitizing (scanning), storage and presentation for incoming and outgoing paper and digital documents (also with digital signature / electronic authentication) on a user-friendly interface.

The administration and control of the archiving procedures are performed in closed loop. The registration of physical files and the paper-based parcels, as well as the requests and scanning of document files can be performed by mobile devices.

The metadata of the documents are recorded in the database in a searchable, integrated and unified form with version tracking elements. The process conforms to current legislations by producing a digitally certified copy of the paper-based documents.

The scanner chosen by the client can be freely linked to the application via any TWAIN-compatible mode, alongside the extra functions of the VRS component. Alternative client specific infrastructure can also be used (i.e. different data management, document storage systems, or integrated common data storage). The functions can be extended by integrated client and address management features.

The history of a given file or document is logged in detailed audit records, thus along the business process the full trail of a given file can be followed, or each version of the file can be viewed with the appropriate user right.

The on-line operation is also a favourable solution for international companies with several sites, as the documents are immediately visible for all involved personnel after the scanning and attachment procedures.

WORKFLOW ENGINE – process management and control services

The system supports the access rights dependent execution and control of automatic or user-defined manual workflows (i.e. managerial monitoring of processes, statistics, reports and summaries). The existing workflows and processes can remain unchanged, as the system can be fitted to them.

SIGNATURE ENGINE – authentication

The system is equipped with its native authentication solutions, or it can be integrated with other signature management solutions, like  E-Szignó or NetLock.  Authentication is provided according to the clients requirements, with enhanced security or with verified digital signature. Beside the authentication service, the assignment of certificates to the relevant clients or tellers is also provided through the authentication provider service interface.

The framework also provides high security encryption of sensitive content on demand.

COMMON ENGINE – system support services

COMMON ENGINE also provides framework services for NANO-CONTENT similar to the method described at NANO-FINANCE. (Not indicated on the diagram.)