Oracle FLEXCUBE is a uniquely universal banking and financial IT solution. Flexcube has been installed in more than 390 financial institutions in 125 countries to serve retail, corporate and investment functions and the full spectrum of related activities. The application offers advantages in competitive market conditions through its world-class functionality and regional extensions, which has also been proven to be successful at new business models, like Islamic banking, micro financing and electronic banking. FLEXCUBE’s services help to reach and to expand the bank’s client base and facilitates the introduction of refined and complex new products, minimizes TCO and transaction costs while increasing operative security, reliability, productivity and scalability.

We offer our services based on our experience gained in several international FLEXCUBE projects in the development, support and operation of several versions of the system. The proficient and successful completion of our projects are guaranteed by our highly qualified colleagues with more than ten years of experience.  With our assistance the functions of FLEXCUBE can be optimally utilised, its operation accelerated and simplified and its maintenance made cheaper and more transparent. Our support services are provided within the shortest possible time, according to the contractual service-level agreement either locally in cooperation with the client’s staff, or via remote access with limited access to client data.

Our support services cover the following areas:

System implementation and parametrization

One of the most successful core banking systems of the past 15 years, Oracle FLEXCUBE is installed and parametrized by JET-SOL since 2008.

Software lifecycle support is a critical area of a successful installation, application support and integration project.  The objective is to produce, document and verify the quality of delivered services according to the requirements in all project phases like design, analysis, testing and implementation. In order to achieve this goal JET-SOL utilises advanced software lifecycle support tools and internationally accepted methodology.

Second line support

This service matches ORACLE’s second-line support in its process and logic. As part of the support contract, JET-SOL guarantees to investigate and analyse the faults reported by the client, to supplement them with extra information if needed, then report and manage the fault on ORACLE’s official MOS channel until resolution. This process significantly accelerates fault fixing, thus reducing resource cost on the client’s side. Depending on scope, the contract can cover testing of the fixed faults, version control and standard fault fix release management.

Version control and release management of FLEXCUBE source code

JET-SOL’s version control service includes the central management of source codes modified by the ORACLE fault fixes. Our project experience shows that by employing our strict method a significant amount of superfluous work can be avoided: a new code version can contain several fault fixes at once, which requires professional handling. We use pre-defined version control procedures on a Microsoft standard TFS server.

Overnight batch process support

JET-SOL’s unique monitoring and corrective procedures services can provide highly accurate information for the client’s business and IT areas, on the results of the end-of-day process. Our working methodology does not regard the end-of-day processing as a single procedure, thus a significant number of possible flaws and problems can be detected and eliminated before commencing the end-of-day closure. The continuous development of the monitoring module ensures that potential issues during the end-of-day process can be minimised.

7/24 overall FLEXCUBE support with Oracle DBA service

Under this support service JET-SOL provides full support for FLEXCUBE, including the tasks mentioned above.

Increased database activity and modifications may lead to critical situations where immediate intervention is needed. Our professional DBA support provides adequate and cost-effective solutions for these problems, making a full-time on-site specialised team unnecessary.

Additional developments to the central account management system

Development requirements often include the expansion of already existing functionality regarding new and important business functions that the existing system cannot support. In such cases, JET-SOL’s experts can offer an optimal solution after the exhaustive investigation of the existing application and the business requirements. Examples of developments carried out in previous projects provided by our NANO-FINANCE solution:

  • Extension of client number generation service
  • Extended client search facility
  • Online standing orders (fix amount transfers) execution
  • Client data maintenance extension
  • Development of special deposit functions
  • Extended validations
  • Special charge and bonus calculation services